The Bible is a resource for following Jesus and not bashing others


In this St Lukes Peckham Podcast, Ian Mobsby draws on the gospel text of John chapter 5 verses 36-47 to explore the theme of the bible as a resource for following Jesus, not bashing others.  Drawing on the examle of Jesus’ encounters with the Pharasees, Saducees and the teachers of the law who were so certain of who God was and what God would do, Ian exploes how this was a form of early religious fundamentalism, that has existed until the present day. When ever we get so certain of knowing God or raise the bible as an alternative God, we diminish God’s soverignty and and loose the calling of the New Testament to follow God in humility and love.  Religious Fundamentalism remains one of the most damaging forces in the world, that has little to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ.


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