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John Maine & Trinitarian Prayer & Meditation

I have been listening to some of the words of John Maine on Christian Prayer and Meditation, and found these wise words on prayer and the Trinity.

We know from the doctrine of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, that the fullness of God is to be found in our own hearts.  We know that the full life of the Trinity is lived in our hearts.  This means that Jesus Christ dwells in our hearts.  His human consciousness is to be found within each one of us.  And the journey of prayer is simply to find the way to open up our human consciousness to his human consciousness.

We believe that Jesus has sent his Spirit to dwell in our hearts.  In other words the Spirit of God dwells in our hearts.  In the Christian tradition meditating is simply the opening to the Spirit of love, the Spirit of God.

Silence is the essential human prayerful response to the mystery of God.  To the infinity of God.  It is though the mystery of God as a wonderful multifaceted diamond.  When we talk about God, or when we think about God, it is though we are responding to one or other of God’s facets.  But when we are silent, in God’s presence, we respond to the mystery which we call God as a whole, and that omni-dimensionally.  

The wonder of it, is that it is the whole of us that responds to the entirety of the mystery of God.  It is not just our intellect, not just our emotions, not just the religious side of us, or the secular side of us.  Everything that we are, responds to everything that God is.  In absolute harmony and in absolute love.  This is what the experience of Christian prayer is.  Our union with God who is one, how is this possible?  It is possible through the incarnate reality that is Jesus.  God is fully revealed in Jesus, fully present in Jesus.  The love of Jesus has made us one with him, by becoming open in silence to God’s reality.  We become open in wonder, to the reality of God.  We learn to be silent by being content to say our prayer word in humble fidelity.

To tread the spiritual path, we must learn to be silent.  What is required of us, is a journey into profound silence.  Meditation is the way of silence. Silence is important for the Human Spirit to thrive, to give us room to breathe.  Learning to be.  The wonder of it is that in that experience you are completely free.  You need not to be afraid of silence.  We are so unused to silence.