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Stations of the resurrection

So now we enter into the 6 weeks season of the resurrection as Easter, and I think we don’t focus enough on ways of engaging with the season after the intensity of Lent, the Passion and Holy Week.

One way to keep focused on the spirituality of the season of the resurrection is by keeping Stations of the Resurrection in the life of the ecclesial community: a good example is here.

Easter: The struggle for Hope & Living as a Christian by Ian Mobsby


This podcast was recorded on the third sunday of Easter 2018, where Ian Mobsby explores the implication of the Gospel text Luke 24: 13-38 which explores the familiar stories of the Road to Emmaus and the first appearance of Jesus to the disciples.  These texts are crucial for our encouragement and hope looking back from the 21st Century, and says something about the calling to demonstrate that we are truly following Jesys by the way we live our lives.


Second Sunday of Easter: Thomas as an example of mature discipleship


In this podcast Ian Mobsby explores the story of the disciples in their encounters with the risen Jesus, and in particular the sotry of Thomas.  Rather than being doubting Thomas, the John 20 text suggests that all the disciples doubted the resurrection as part of the process of faith..  Thomas therefore is an example of dscipleship as a process of faith and doubt.  For more information on St Luke’s please see www.stlukespeckham.co.uk.