With over 24 years of pioneering, pastoral and missional experience, I have for the last 8 years offered Church Organisations Consultancy regarding the following:

  • Ways of listening to context to inform pioneering, pastoral and missional needs.
  • Approaches to equipping Churches to being missional.
  • Support in considering setting up a fresh expression of church.
  • Approaches to discipleship to equip Churches to being missional
  • Exploring practical tools – contextual theology and models of church.
  • Bespoke training needs for lay and ordained pioneers.


Past Organisations that have used my skills for consultancy:

  • Diocese of Toronto, Anglican Church of Canada.
  • Diocese of Newcastle, Anglican Church of Australia.
  • Diocese of California, Episcopal Church of the USA.
  • Diocese of Chicago, Episcopal Church of the USA.
  • Anglican Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki, New Zealand.
  • St Johns Anglican College, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Carey College, Auckland, New Zealand.

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